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Hello there,

Welcome to my website.

I’ll try and keep it up to date and it’s pretty easy to navigate.







Date City Venue
21/02/18 London Star of King’s
Time: 7:00pm. Address: King’s Cross. Work In Progress, probably about 45 minutes.
22/02/18 Glasgow St. Luke’s
Time: 7:00pm. Breaking The News, BBC Radio record
23/02/18 The North Stockton Arc
Time: 6:30pm.
24/02/18 Hartlepool Hartlepool & Stokesley
Time: 6:30pm.
28/02/18 Swansea Swansea Grand Theatre
Time: 7:00pm.

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Git is an improvised comedy show that I occasionally do with Jon Richardson and Dan Atkinson.

It’s loosely about the type of things people put on their social networking pages.

It’s a mixture of ad-lib, chat, argument, physical challenges, slideshow and Dan talking about animal dicks.

The next Git show will be in London on December 12th 2015. Tickets available here

Dan has made a website for us. Though it hasn’t been updated for ages. You can find it here.


I’ll try and get around to putting more stuff up here when I can figure out how to transfer it into the applicable format. If I’m honest, it’ll be quicker to put my name into YouTube.

This is a bit from my second Edinburgh show in 2009.