Radio Head


I’ve got some radio things coming up, that I thought you might be interested in.

I’m on Rhod Gilbert’s radio show on Saturday 7th July. I think the podcast page is here.

We’re recording the second series of Justin Moorhouse’s and Jim Poyser’s wonderful sitcom “Everyone Quite Likes Justin” on the 8th, 15th and 16th of July in Manchester.

Lastly, I’m booked to be a guest on the excellent The Unbelievable Truth, hosted by polymath japester David Mitchell. That’s recording in Edinburgh during the Fringe on August 13th. It’s technically my day off, so if you come along, you better be nice.



Wired for Sound

Hello there,

I’m going to be performing some topical stand up on The Now Show on June 22nd. I’m not sure what the subject is as I haven’t written it yet. It’s exciting and scary in equal measure.

I’m also co-hosting/side-kicking/being general whipping boy on Rhod Gilbert’s BBC Radio Wales show on June 23rd (live from Leicester) and July 7th (live from London).

Last time I saw Rhod he was apoplectic with rage about an incident concerning a chocolate eclair. I’ll try and bring that up.