Sound And Vision

Word up,

I’m back from Scotland now.

I recorded an episode of The Unbelievable Truth up there which was good fun. It’s out Christmas time I think, and worth tuning into for Tom Wrigglesworth’s excellent duck anecdote.

I’m doing a gig with lots of famous people to raise money for The Labour Party. So if you fancy seeing Eddie Izzard, John Bishop, Jo Brand and Stephen K Amos then it’s at The Brighton Dome on Sunday 22nd September. Link here

I’m also recording a new radio sketch show called Here Be Dragons. Everyone in it is Welsh/has had sex with Tom Jones.

It features Elis James, Nadia Kamil, Cariad Lloyd, Sian Harries, Gareth Gwynn and Benjamin Partridge.

It’s being recorded at Up The Creek Greenwich on Oct 1st, 14th and 21st and I think the tickets are free. Here’s the bumpf from the official Facebook page:

“If you’d like to come along (please do!), tickets are free but need to be applied for in advance from SRO Audiences. Visit their website here:, go to ‘Current Shows’ and you’ll find HERE BE DRAGONS there.”

Be there, or be somewhere else.