Some acting/panel show/stand up news

Ay up,

Hope you’re well.

Got a few things coming up that you might be interested in.

On March 18th, I’ll be showing off some of my incredibly limited range when I take part in the BBC’s Salford Sitcom trials. It’s a revised version of Everyone Quite Likes Justin, which I did on the radio. It’s written by and starring the very funny Justin Moorhouse. More info here, I think.

I’m performing some stand up for Comedy Central’s Comedy Store Live programme on March 24th. It’ll be recorded at The Comedy Store in London. It’ll be a mix of stuff from the past few years.

The next night, I’m recording a couple of episodes of The Unbelievable Truth with the peerless David Mitchell. Last time I was on, I managed to tie for first place so I’m aiming for a solo victory this time. That’s recorded at The Shaw Theatre, in Euston.
That’s all for now,