Norway/New Zealand/Australia

Aye up,

I’m not doing a solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, my first year off from doing anything there since 2007. And even that year I came up, did a few gigs and listlessly hung about like a sort of bipedal Greyfriar’s Bobby.

That said, I am excited to be gigging in Norway, appearing at the New Zealand Comedy Festival and also as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow. It means I’ll be away for a couple of months from mid April. Can one of you mow my lawn?

New Zealand solo show info here

Australia Roadshow info here

Before then, I’m co-hosting Rhod Gilbert’s BBC Wales radio show on 11th April, doing what looks to be a really fun gig in Folkestone on 12th April and I’ve got a few other bits and bobs in. But not much. I’ve just done a national tour and fancy a few weeks just sitting around in my pants.