Radio & New Zealand

I hope you’re well.

Just a heads up on a few things.

I’m a guest on a recording of the wonderful Victoria Coren-Mitchell’s Heresy that’s recording on March 14th. I’m not sure the other guests yet or whether I’ll be on the early or late recording. The last time I saw Victoria, I won £5 off her in a bet. Which considering she’s a professional poker player, I’m putting down as a major life achievement.

I’m previewing a new show around the UK too. It’s still a work-in-progress and still a bit too naughty but I’m enjoying it. Here’s the link for my Glasgow Comedy Festival appearance on March 20th. And also here’s a cool interview I did with Queen/Ale/Snooker/E-cigarette enthusiast and stone cold top bloke, John Robins to publicise our shows. I recently spent two days with him in Leicester and it made me jealous of Sara Pascoe and her unfettered access to him.

I’m also performing in the New Zealand Comedy festival and subsequent Convoy tour around the country. Which I’m excited about, as it’s a fucking ace place. Here is a link for my Auckland dates and here is a link for my Wellington ones.

I’ll keep my gigs updated. I think I’m doing some work in progress stuff with Jon Richardson soon but that’s not confirmed yet.