Some radio stuff

Hello there,

I’m back from Australia now. It was great, apart from the night I experienced the worst noise I have ever heard. Two possums having a fuck. A great recipe for instant confusion and terror.

Anyway, I’m making some marginally better noises on the radio in the next couple of weeks you might be interested in.

I’m recording an episode of The Leak at Theatr Clwyd Mold tomorrow, I think it is broadcast on BBC Radio Wales on Friday and Saturday.

I’m a guest on the excellent News Quiz at the Radio Theatre on May 11th. It’s broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the 12th.

Lastly, I’m co-hosting the indefatigable shambles that is The Rhod Gilbert show on BBC Radio Wales on Saturday May 13th. I’ve missed that old prick.

I’ll have more news soon, including a trip to China and New Zealand.



News (Quiz)

Hello there,

Hope you’re well.

I’m a guest on BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz with the frankly excellent Miles Jupp on February 2nd at The Radio Theatre. I think it’s broadcast on the 3rd.

In February I’m off down under for a couple of months to do the Adelaide and Melbourne comedy festivals. More details if you click on the links below.

Adelaide : 17th Feb – 19th March

Melbourne : 30th March – 21st April

I’m looking forward to some sunshine. I also have no idea what to do in the eleven days off between the festivals. Any suggestions?



Odds & Sods


I hope you’re well.

My Unbelievable Truth records go out on Radio 4 on October 3rd and October 10th. I’m on with Teutonic provocateur Henning Wehn, whip-smart Holly Walsh, hero of mine Rich Hall and of course, the fantastic chairman, David Mitchell.

I’m doing a festival gig for excellent tit charity Coppafeel on October 8th. Working with a lot of people for the first time, including Gok Wan, Fearne Cotton and The Stereophonics. Fortunately, Steve Hall is also on to hang out with and prevent me from becoming intoxicated with the stinky musk of fame. Details of the event are here.

I’m writing with Rhod Gilbert on the new series of The Apprentice: You’re Fired, but I’m still gigging too so I’ll try to keep the site up to date.




Just For Laughs


Hey there.

I’ve just got back from Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

It was a flying visit, but I got to see Emo Philips live, tape a stand up set for Kevin Hart’s new online channel, eat plentiful eggs with Nish Kumar and find a pretty cool Mable John CD in a secondhand music shop.

I’m in Edinburgh now, preparing for the festival.

I’m also very happy to say I’m doing another Unbelievable Truth episode. It’ll be recorded at The Shaw Theatre in Euston on September 26th. Not sure if tickets have been released yet.





Edinburgh & some radio things

href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-742″>Final poster


I’m a bit confused, angry, baffled and depressed that we’ve voted to leave the European Union. I say “we’ve”. I didn’t. But a lot of proper eggs did.

Anyway, if you need cheering up, I’m doing a show at this year’s Edinburgh fringe. It’s free. And a bit ruder than I normally am. The poster, designed by this plum, is above this post. And some more details about it can be found here.

I’m also co-hosting Rhod Gilbert’s Radio Wales show with Gareth Gwynn on July 2nd. As Rhod will be in France watching the football. I’ll be hosting it with Rhod himself on July 16th. You can download the “best bits” podcast here.

I’m also a guest on “A Good Read” on BBC Radio 4, discussing an excellent Richard Brautigan novel. The episode is broadcast on July 19th at 4.30pm and, according to the producer, will then be available on the internet UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

Which if Trump gets elected too, will probably be around February.

Take care,


Radio & New Zealand

I hope you’re well.

Just a heads up on a few things.

I’m a guest on a recording of the wonderful Victoria Coren-Mitchell’s Heresy that’s recording on March 14th. I’m not sure the other guests yet or whether I’ll be on the early or late recording. The last time I saw Victoria, I won £5 off her in a bet. Which considering she’s a professional poker player, I’m putting down as a major life achievement.

I’m previewing a new show around the UK too. It’s still a work-in-progress and still a bit too naughty but I’m enjoying it. Here’s the link for my Glasgow Comedy Festival appearance on March 20th. And also here’s a cool interview I did with Queen/Ale/Snooker/E-cigarette enthusiast and stone cold top bloke, John Robins to publicise our shows. I recently spent two days with him in Leicester and it made me jealous of Sara Pascoe and her unfettered access to him.

I’m also performing in the New Zealand Comedy festival and subsequent Convoy tour around the country. Which I’m excited about, as it’s a fucking ace place. Here is a link for my Auckland dates and here is a link for my Wellington ones.

I’ll keep my gigs updated. I think I’m doing some work in progress stuff with Jon Richardson soon but that’s not confirmed yet.






Buskers Festival & GIT




Hello there,

I hope you’re well.

I’m not gigging that much at the moment as I’m writing on Russell Howard’s Good News for BBC2. But I have got a few things in, you can check the gigs section.

Myself, Jon Richardson and Dan Atkinson are putting on another Git show, in London on December 12th. Expect a sort of topical sprawling shambles. Please don’t expect even a modicum of polish. Some ticket details here.

Also, I’m very happy to be performing a the Christchurch International Buskers Festival in January. Details about that can be found here.




Panel Shows


Hello there,

I’m now in Wellington and in the past few days the city has experienced both flooding and a mini earthquake. I guess God hates hipsters.

Some panel show news.

I’m a guest on the TV show “Best Bits” recording on Tuesday 19th May. So if you’re in New Zealand, you can see that. Or maybe it’ll be on YouTube at some point.

On the 21st May at 6.30pm on Radio 4 I’m a guest on Holly Walsh’s Best Behaviour. It was a lot of fun to record. It’s Holly, myself, Richard Herring and Helen Zaltzman.

Lastly, Rhod Gilbert is doing some live panel show mash up things. Taking different rounds from different British panel shows. It sounds like a fucking shambles but it’s all for charity and there are great people involved so I think it’ll be a really fun shambles. The lineups are yet to be announced but I don’t give a shit about all that nonsense so I can tell you I’m doing the one on July 2nd. I’m pretty certain Jon Richardson is doing that one too. And tons of other cool people as well. Looking back at the e-mail, also on is Roisin Conaty, Elis James, John Robins, Nick Helm and Angela Barnes. But it’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone. I mean, these lineups are always subject to change but even with a couple of substitutes that’s a pretty fun bunch of people isn’t it? Maybe I’ll see you there.








Auckland & HBD


Hello there,

I’m having fun in Auckland. The gigs are good fun and I’m staying opposite Real Groovy, one of the best music shops I’ve ever been to.

I’ve also got a quote for my next tour:

“Lloyd Langford is from Wales but lives in an incredible and sometimes frightening world of sexual experimentation.” Metro New Zealand

Just a quick message that the second series of Here Be Dragons starts on Radio Wales this Saturday May 9th. I also believe that the first three episodes will be up on iplayer. And if the Conservatives remain in power, you’ll need something to cheer you up.



Norway/New Zealand/Australia

Aye up,

I’m not doing a solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, my first year off from doing anything there since 2007. And even that year I came up, did a few gigs and listlessly hung about like a sort of bipedal Greyfriar’s Bobby.

That said, I am excited to be gigging in Norway, appearing at the New Zealand Comedy Festival and also as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow. It means I’ll be away for a couple of months from mid April. Can one of you mow my lawn?

New Zealand solo show info here

Australia Roadshow info here

Before then, I’m co-hosting Rhod Gilbert’s BBC Wales radio show on 11th April, doing what looks to be a really fun gig in Folkestone on 12th April and I’ve got a few other bits and bobs in. But not much. I’ve just done a national tour and fancy a few weeks just sitting around in my pants.