Buzzcocks Christmas Special

Hello there,

I’m a guest on the Buzzcocks Christmas special. It goes out on December 22nd.

Though the only photo I have of the recording features Aled Jones, Roy Wood and Yoko Ono. It was taken by Phill Jupitus.





2015 Tour/Here Be Dragons Series 2


Hello there,

I’m doing a new tour in 2015. There are some pre-tour warm up dates not listed here but these are the main tour dates. The links to the individual web pages are on the front page of this site:

January 29th 2015: Reading South Street Arts Centre

February 1st 2015: Salford The Lowry

February 5th 2015: Leicester Crumblin’ Cookie

February 12th 2015: Milford Haven The Torch

February 13th 2015: Pontardawe Arts Centre

February 18th 2015: Bristol The Lantern

February 19th 2015: Swindon Arts Centre

February 20th 2015: Brighton Komedia

February 21st 2015: Windsor Fire station

February 25th 2015: Bromsgrove Artrix

February 26th 2015: Harrogate Theatre

February 27th 2015: Coventry Warwick Arts Centre

February 28th 2015: Guildford G Live

March 1st 2015: Cardiff Glee Club

March 4th 2015: Monmouth Savoy Theatre

March 5th 2015: Swansea Grand Theatre

March 6th 2015: Oxford Old Fire Station

March 7th 2015: Llanelli Y Ffwrnes

March 11th 2015: Wrexham William Ashton Hall

March 12th 2015: Aberystwyth Arts Centre

March 13th 2015: Telford The Place

March 14th 2015: Wolverhampton The Slade Rooms

March 15th 2015: Glasgow The Stand

March 18th 2015: Blackwood Miner’s Institute

March 19th 2015: Porthcawl The Grand Pavilion

March 20th 2015: Aberdare Coliseum


Also we’re recording a second series of Here Be Dragons (Radio Wales sketch show) early 2015.

The record dates are January 21st, January 28th and February 4th. The show is recorded at Up The Creek Comedy club in Greenwich, London.

Tickets are free, I don’t have a link for them yet, but I’ll put one up when I have it.





Unbelievable Truth/NMTB

Hello there,

Post Edinburgh fringe, and I’m a bit exhausted.

A few things coming up:

I’m a guest on The Unbelievable Truth, recording in London on September 24th. It’s always a lot of fun so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also writing for Rhod Gilbert on the next series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, which means I’ll be gigging a bit less this Autumn/Winter.




Quite Interesting



I recorded an episode of Q.I this week which was a lot of fun.

Alan Davies made a brilliant joke about ants that was a particular highlight.

It goes out in the Autumn, I think.






I hope you’re well.

I’ve written a sitcom pilot for Radio 4 that’s being recorded at the Radio Theatre on June 8th. I’m equally nervous and excited.

It features me and Jon Richardson as two unemployed blokes, desperately trying to find  jobs, love and adequate pest control in London.

There are some brilliant other people in it too: Sinead Keenan, Tony Law, Martin Trenaman and Nina Wadia.

Here’s a link to the BBC audience tickets page.

It’s free.




Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Hello there,

I’m doing a new stand up show at the 2014 Edinburgh fringe festival.

It’s called Old Fashioned, and it’s about being totally confused by the modern world.

You can buy tickets here

Here’s the poster. Thanks to Lewis at Tangerine, Andy Hollingworth and Grant Wood.



Her Bra Den Egos

How do?

Here Be Dragons, a sketch show that I wrote for and acted* in, has been nominated for a Radio Academy Award (formerly Sony Award) in the “Best Comedy” category.

I’m pretty happy. Everyone involved in it is a bloody good egg and it was fun to write and make.

You can find out more about the awards, and the other nominees, here.



*”acted” may be too strong a word. “Existed” might be better.

Some acting/panel show/stand up news

Ay up,

Hope you’re well.

Got a few things coming up that you might be interested in.

On March 18th, I’ll be showing off some of my incredibly limited range when I take part in the BBC’s Salford Sitcom trials. It’s a revised version of Everyone Quite Likes Justin, which I did on the radio. It’s written by and starring the very funny Justin Moorhouse. More info here, I think.

I’m performing some stand up for Comedy Central’s Comedy Store Live programme on March 24th. It’ll be recorded at The Comedy Store in London. It’ll be a mix of stuff from the past few years.

The next night, I’m recording a couple of episodes of The Unbelievable Truth with the peerless David Mitchell. Last time I was on, I managed to tie for first place so I’m aiming for a solo victory this time. That’s recorded at The Shaw Theatre, in Euston.
That’s all for now,



Sound And Vision

Word up,

I’m back from Scotland now.

I recorded an episode of The Unbelievable Truth up there which was good fun. It’s out Christmas time I think, and worth tuning into for Tom Wrigglesworth’s excellent duck anecdote.

I’m doing a gig with lots of famous people to raise money for The Labour Party. So if you fancy seeing Eddie Izzard, John Bishop, Jo Brand and Stephen K Amos then it’s at The Brighton Dome on Sunday 22nd September. Link here

I’m also recording a new radio sketch show called Here Be Dragons. Everyone in it is Welsh/has had sex with Tom Jones.

It features Elis James, Nadia Kamil, Cariad Lloyd, Sian Harries, Gareth Gwynn and Benjamin Partridge.

It’s being recorded at Up The Creek Greenwich on Oct 1st, 14th and 21st and I think the tickets are free. Here’s the bumpf from the official Facebook page:

“If you’d like to come along (please do!), tickets are free but need to be applied for in advance from SRO Audiences. Visit their website here:, go to ‘Current Shows’ and you’ll find HERE BE DRAGONS there.”

Be there, or be somewhere else.



Edinburgh 2013

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 17.35.43

I’m doing an Edinburgh show at the Fringe from July 31st – August 26th. It’s about celebrating your inner idiot.

I think you can buy tickets here