A. I used to but now he is married and so I only felt it fair to give them a bit of space. I visit every now and again and I have my own room with a tyre swing like Ruprecht the Monkey Boy.

A. I used to do a lot of youth theatre, including the excellent West Glamorgan Youth Theatre and kind of gravitated towards the comedic roles. Then in university I saw my first ever comedy gig (September 2001, Chris Addison & Francesca Martinez on Avalon’s Comedy Network) and as Little Richard said the first time he heard Jimi Hendrix play guitar: “My big toe shot up in my boot!”

A. Honestly? Because it scares me. And I see so many other comedians behaving like absolute plums on it. I do have a Facebook page, which used to be a fan page but I have recently started running myself. That’s about the extent of my social media.

Yes, I finally joined Instagram. I’m @lloydlangford1

A. In no particular order here are some of them: crazy golf, postwar Chicago blues music, single malt whisky, pinball, Texas Hold ‘em poker, golden age hip hop, craft beer, body surfing, Thai food, pub quizzes, chess, film noir, music recorded at FAME Studios Muscle Shoals, the novels of George V. Higgins, Japan, spaghetti westerns, kung fu films and Viz magazine.

A. There are lots of brilliant comedians that I admire. Too many for me to list. Aaron Chen properly cracks me up. A very funny boy.

I’m a big fan of Eleanor Tiernan, bone-dry delivery of brilliant stories.

Also, Matt Forde. Never fails to make me laugh, both onstage and in the pub. A true renaissance man. Albeit one that can’t stop farting.

A. No. Some rascal keeps altering my wikipedia page with his own “facts”. And then lazy journalists print these facts and this little tinker then links back to the newspaper articles to substantiate them.

But I don’t mind really. We all need to start somewhere. And if his first step on the ladder is going on the internet and moving the birthplace of a minor comedian eighty miles to the east then best of luck to him, I say.

A. Yes. You need to practice performing (or “gigging”) and writing jokes. The more you do it, the easier it becomes to do it. Keep on keeping on. You’ll get better. Unless that is, you’re really shit.