Here are some press quotes about me.
Yes, my mum writes for The Guardian.

“A collection of absolutely top-class standalone jokes.”
The Guardian
“A wonderfully remorseless stream of pithy gags, delivered in an unshowy south Wales drawl. One to look out for.”
The Guardian
“One of the sharpest comedic minds on the circuit.”
The Guardian
“A lugubrious Welshman with a knack of turning out juicy one-liners, Langford is a rising star.”
The Guardian
“There are….. stand-ups who are able to grab hold of ordinary, mundane events, spot things that have never occurred to the rest of us, and turn the results into a spell-binding, hysterically funny comedy. Lloyd Langford is certainly one of those guys.”
The Guardian
“Particularly brilliant”
“Brilliant, charming, understated”
The Independent
“A rich tapestry of jokes at his command.”
The Independent
“Just the right level of Welshness”
The Mirror
“Reaches beyond stock observation to a level of metaphysical enquiry, acquiring the demeanour of a wise fool.”
“The sharpest of comedy instincts and an innate grasp of timing and pace…Makes stand-up look deceptively simple.”
“Langford could talk about anything and make it sound quirky and funny.”
The List
“His laidback, charming approach to comedy makes him instantly likeable.”
Time Out
“A quick and instinctively funny mind.”
“Lloyd Langford is from Wales but lives in an incredible and sometimes frightening world of sexual experimentation.”
Metro New Zealand
“Left the audience in roaring laughter and disbelief.”
Keeping Up With NZ
“A born banterer, Langford handles swerve balls with ease.”
The Stage
“There doesn’t seem to be a particular shred of malice in Langford’s soul”
The List
“Langford has the rare ability to make stand-up seem effortless”
Festival Journal
“A brilliantly funny show”
“Some of the subject matter was a bit iffy too I thought. He is giving himself a challenge trying to get a laugh out of the true story of a tramp having his face eaten by a madman.”
“Take the piss out of the nz flag if you want ,but don’t take the piss out of the WELSH Flag ,just for a cheap laugh ,be proud to be Welsh and be Proud of OUR FLAG”
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